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Everything you need to know about Ephedrine

First off, ephedrine is a stimulant medication and this is a generic name while you will be able to find so many products with this generic name making it a tough job to find the product in its original form.

T5 Ephedrine is used for transitory relief in wheezing associated with asthma, bronchitis, chest tightness, emphysema, and shortness of breath. In fact, it is one the four active ingredients from the herb named Ephedra.

The available form of ephedrine

Ephedrine is found to be odorless, white & fine powder or crystals mostly administered in a sterile solution of 50 mg. It’s easily and thoroughly soluble in liquids as well as scarcely soluble in alcohol.

How ephedrine works

Ephedrine mainly acts as an NCS stimulant in the form of small molecule an alpha and beta-adrenergic by increasing the discharge of norepinephrine. This stimulant substance has the ability to directly stimulate alpha and beta-adrenergic receptors thus enhance the release of norepinephrine. It works by relaxing bronchioles, increasing blood pressure, and heart rate; it’s how losing weight with ephedrine is no longer a pain in the ass.

The use of ephedrine to treat various diseases

Well, ephedrine is a multipurpose drug, it is successfully used for the overweight reduction especially when you tried everything else but failed no matter how hard you trained. Not online the product will decrease your weight but it will also increase your ability to relax because it is a phenethylamine occurred in Ephedra, Sinica, so you can well understand why.

The uses of ephedrine are just amazing, it is also used in the hospital practices in order to prevent hypotension while spinal anesthesia. Ephedrine can be helpful for some other conditions determined by your physician or surgeon. It has the ability to work faster, safer and surer than other drugs that are considered to be its alternatives to induce fat loss.

It is as well used to cure nasal congestion, orthostatic hypotension, and various hypotension issues. To your amazement, T5 ephedrine is so much effective in treating issues associated with heart failure, urinary incontinence, and rhinitis.

As an anti-obesity agent

The study shows that you are likely to put on weight regardless of how smartly you supplement and how dialed you are in your diet. In the treatment of depression and narcolepsy, it is used owing to its central nervous system stimulatory impacts.

There are two diverse medical opinions about the use of ephedrine. One, it is best for treating mainly three medical conditions narcolepsy, asthma, and obesity. The other, it is not the preferred treatment because of the highly sedative effects.

Well, ephedrine is a great bronchodilator and decongestant agent. As for obesity, it has the ability to reduce overweight simply because it has the ability to enhance the quantity of fat found for fuel as well as heat expenditure.  

(C10H15NO)2•H2SO4 benzenemethanol α - [1 - (methylamino) ethyl] is its chemical formula or name of ephedrine with around 428.55 as its molecular weight.

The story of the benefits does not end here; it can be used to treat the menstrual disorder in women, urine obstruction in both males and females. Hence, this drug is not 100 percent safe to use with the following rarely reported side effects.

  • Vertigo

  • Headache

  • Uneasiness

  • Anxiety

  • Sedative feelings

  • Loss of hunger

  • Vomiting

  • Speedy palpitation

  • Weight loss

  • Hard or obstructive urination


Despite the above side effects, ephedrine is being widely used to treat so many diseases. Some of them are briefly stated above, though. The side effects have closely related the dosage based on the patient’s response to therapy and medical condition.

Name : T5-Zion Labs

Packaging : 60 capsules

Substance : ephedrine 30 mg, caffeine 250 mg, aspirin 150 mg

Dosage : 1-2caps daily (split dosing)


Important -Consult with your physician before taking this medication -People with heart diseases should avoid to take this medication. -Do not take during pregnancy. -Keep out of reach of children. Side Effects: Psychotic reactions or psychosis, depression, nervousness, agitation, sleep disorders & vertigo; tachycardia, palpitations, HTN, precordial pain. Dosage: 1 capsule daily on before a meal.Do not overdose !!!

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